Action Groups

Childcare And Early Years Learning

The Childcare and Early Years Learning Topic Team was formed in 2013 as part of the refresh of Thatcham Vision’s Action Plan with a remit to consider current issues and the necessary requirements to overcome them. This is in order to provide a better quality of provision focussing on additional facilities that may enhance childcare and learning in Thatcham as well as looking at how the provision will need to be developed as the population grows.

Community Safety

Our Group aims to make Thatcham’s residents aware of all the ways they can make themselves feel safe while living in our community.

Edible Thatcham

Edible Thatcham has been inspired by the Incredible Edible movement started in Todmorden. The aim is to promote community, education and business within our locality through bringing people together with food. By finding unused bits of land or changing the planting that has already been put in public spaces, we want to show people there is a harvest of free food on our door step. Here in Thatcham we already have many fruit trees and bushes around the town, where the fruit is not aways collected, we want to map these and encourage people to help themselves.

Kennet School

Kennet School is a thriving comprehensive school in Thatcham for 11-18 year olds. Held in high esteem by the community we serve, the school is heavily oversubscribed. Popularity has been won by the determination that each and every pupil should fulfil his/her potential, both academically and personally.

Leisure and culture

The Leisure & Culture Team has a remit to consider current issues in these areas and what is required to overcome them. The team also has a brief to consider how a better quality of provision could be acquired, now and in the future.

This team currently needs members. If you are interested, then please get in touch on the Contact Us page.

Marketing group

To represent Thatcham Vision to the local community and the press. To help enlist volunteers to our programs and to help Action Groups to show best practice for obtaining funding and representing themselves.

Population and development

The Population & Development Topic Team was formed in 2013 as part of the refresh of the Thatcham Vision Action Plan. The team is chaired by Cllr Jason Collis and currently comprises David Conquest (Chair of Thatcham Vision), Rev Mark Bennet (St Mary’s Church) and Chris Watts, a local planning consultant. The team will work on the fifteen actions identified during the Vision Plan consultation phase.

Senior citizens

The Senior Citizens Topic Team was formed with a remit to review how well the current requirements of older people in the Parish are being met including their housing, daily care and transport needs. The team were also tasked with considering additional facilities that would provide a better quality of life and also how this provision will need to be developed as the population grows.

Thatcham Sports Network

Conceived as a part of Thatcham Vision's Parish plan, Thatcham Sports Network is run for clubs offering sport to our community. A small team of volunteers work to find out what Sports Clubs want and where there is a common need, to facilitate and resolve outstanding issues.

This website is both a directory for the community allowing them to make quick and complete reviews of the available sports in their area and a real benefit to local clubs who can get an affordable web presence, chat about their common issues, and flag their latest news.

Travel and transport

The Travel and Transport Topic Team was formed to:

"Consider the current and perceived requirements for sustainable transport across the local area. This is defined as the provision (or ability to provide) adequate sustainable transportation infrastructure and services that will allow those residents or people who work within the Thatcham parish to have the ability to choose a viable option that will, in turn, allow them to make use of all facilities (both in their working or leisure activities) and that can be both maintained and operated in as environmentally friendly a way as possible".