Childcare And Early Years Learning

The Childcare and Early Years Learning Topic Team was formed in 2013 as part of the refresh of Thatcham Vision’s Action Plan with a remit to consider current issues and the necessary requirements to overcome them. This is in order to provide a better quality of provision focussing on additional facilities that may enhance childcare and learning in Thatcham as well as looking at how the provision will need to be developed as the population grows.

Some of the actions are more ‘strategic’ in nature and are in fact long term goals which need monitoring, such as to ‘press the need for and additional facilities in Thatcham for Secondary School children’   to ‘discourage Primary Schools from expanding any greater than a three form entry’ and to ‘provide affordable housing in order to attract high quality teachers into the area’, other actions are more immediate and include the task to ‘investigate and report on road safety at each nursery and pre-school’, ‘provide more services’ at the children’s centre to keep it open and to’ support low cost out of school activities’ such as play days and sports coaching.

We have a small dedicated team, but more team members are required for this new ‘Action’ team. Please have a look at the volunteering description in the Downloads below and use our ‘contact us’ page on this website if you are interested in joining us.

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