Community Safety

When we formed as a Topic Group for The Vision we met as a group on several occasions and thoroughly reviewed the data from the vast amount of research that went into assembling the whole Vision Action Plan.  From our own discussions and experiences as Thatcham residents, from listening to visiting specialists, from visiting a Youth Centre in Newbury, and from speaking to the Police we came up with six overall targets to carry forward within our team.

From the six targets we have selected three ‘quick wins’.  All three have made progress in 2016.

Targets and Progress:

CS001 Community Safety Notice Boards – this proposal has received Police approval and the boards will include an attached Suggestions Box for use by the public. One board is already in planning and we hope eventually to have two such Boards in Thatcham.

CS006 Knowledge of the 101 Non-Emergency Police Contact Number:

CS003 Visits to Thatcham by a Mobile Police Van:

These two targets were combined on Sunday 26th June 2016.  A Mobile Police Van was at the Thatcham Family Fun Day on Henwick Field.  From that location we carried out a survey about using the 101 number and handed out hundreds of cards with the number printed on it.  This survey came out of early Topic Group discussions when we found that not even all of our own team knew the non-emergency number, nor when it should be used.  Some years ago the Neighbourhood Police team had brought their old Police van to Thatcham's centre and the team decided this Police presence added to the public sense of security.

A full list of team members follows, and some of them can be seen in our header photograph with Inspector Chris Ward TVP.

  • Stephanie Steevenson (Chair),
  • Brian Barnes,
  • Roger Dykes,
  • Phil Brownlie,
  • Jo McIntyre,
  • Lorri Stennett-Dow.
  • Members of Thames Valley Neighbourhood Police Team

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