Edible Thatcham coming of age!

Jason Collis leads the campaign we call 'Edible Thatcham'. “The aim is to show our community that food, (the stuff of life) is all around us and actually closer than you might think. We are all concerned that we know where our food comes from, how it looks before it gets to the Supermarket and how you might grow some of your own”.

The Thatcham Vision community plan, (in section 31.9) says that over 80% of respondents wanted additional gardening projects around the town and whilst there is both the 'Community Orchard Project' and the Thatcham Allotment Society we should look for new ways of getting your food production and the community closer.

Some of the specific ideas discussed so far are:

Forming a working group & inviting representatives from the Orchard Community, The Allotment Society & BBOWT (Berks, Bucks & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust) along with invitation to KSA (Kennet School Academy) to meet 6 times each year and develop their own strategy. Also 3 crop Trugs have been purchased, which enable fast productive growing of crops without a lot of preparation.

The marketing team are there to help with communications and fund raising if these areas are required by the Edible Thatcham Action Group.