Edible Thatcham Kicks Off

Promoted by Thatcham Vision:

The inaugural Edible Thatcham meeting kicks off. The Pavilion meeting room was stone cold but the atmosphere was warm with representatives from; Thatcham Young Farmers, Thatcham Garden Club, The Allotment Society, Thatcham Community Orchard, Newbury Show ground, Thatcham Town Council and Thatcham Vision all present. Interest for future meetings also came from Kennet School, & from the Cook & Butcher retail outlet. No doubt other local groups will join as this initiative gets traction.

Jason Collis (leader of the TTC) said that his interest was based on the original ideals of the Derbyshire inspired Incredible Edible foundation:

  1. Community Focussed.
  2. Learning Opportunity for all.
  3. Local Business to be promoted wherever possible.

Rachel from Incredible Edible in Oxford said that far from vandalism being an issue, their experience was that crime fell 40% after initiatives were set in place. Their Facebook page /incredibleedibleoxford is well worth a look.

The Discovery Centre and Moorside are two locations where the group can easily see innovations, but if you have other ideas get in touch we should love to hear from you. Further meetings to be Event posted on our Website.