Marketing group

Group Biography

Martin Cook, retired business owner, David Conquest, Chairman of Thatcham Vision, Diane Donohue Project Manager, Jackie Osborne entrepreneur, Stephanie Steevenson retired teacher ex town mayor, Claire Thompson busy mum and Brownie Leader.


To represent Thatcham Vision to the local community and the press. To help enlist volunteers to our programs and to help Action Groups to show best practice for obtaining funding and representing themselves.

Current Actions

  1. Create new website & evolve it.

  2. Devise ongoing SM content.

  3. Printed materials.

  4. Work with partner groups.

  5. Promote Thatcham Business.

  6. Co-ordinate website content from others.

  7. Assist with Fun Day, Christmas Lights, Quiz events

  8. Assist with Festival events.


Map of events, news and other items.