Locality Talks to Thatcham Vision

Locality are a nationwide support Charity for local community groups. Phil Tulba from Locality met last week with David Sue and Martin from Thatcham Vision about plotting a way ahead. This group had been given authority from our 'Steering Group' to examine different structures for Thatcham Vision and even to change the organisation name. The idea is that as we become of more use to our community we need to become more recognisable and have a structure that allows us to undertake more complex work, even sign legal contracts with partners and suppliers.

Soundings are being taken from Greenham Common Trust, Thatcham Town Council and West Berkshire Council and our aim is to construct a group that better serves the Community of Thatcham and the surrounding areas. If you have any strong views on this then let us know, maybe you might join our fantastic group of volunteers and get involved.