Thatcham Town Meeting - Ask your Questions & Meet Thatcham Vision

Thatcham Vision – Some Ideas!

Thatcham Vision has been a group working towards getting your views written into a viable parish plan then to be adopted by Thatcham Town Council and West Berkshire Council. Sponsored by TTC we are non political and concerned only for residence, visitors and those working in Thatcham & the surrounding areas.

What we’re doing now: 

We have action groups looking at Transport & Travel, Senior Citizens, Childcare and Early Years, Culture & Leisure, Population & Development, Community Safety and Marketing. We have a brilliant new website we have spun off Thatcham Sports Network, Thatcham Youth, Thatcham Life Long Learning and recently Edible Thatcham.

You may have seen a lot of publicity for our MP Richard Benyon’s speech to our Senior Citizens; this was an excellent example of co-operation with Kennet School. Look at the Senior Citizens pages on the website for more details and more activities. For example an informal club is planned with a tea/coffee ‘drop-in’ amenity aimed at encouraging inter-age activity & countering loneliness.

The Community Safety Group is working with Police and Community Safety officers looking to establish new notice-boards & suggestion boxes to be sited at Wyevale Garden Centre and behind the Coop store.

Edible Thatcham have had their first meeting with huge interest shown from: Thatcham Gardening Club, Berkshire Young Farmers, 

Newbury Showground, BBOWT, Community Orchard and more. Watch out for Trugs planted with herbs and plants designed to be fostered, tended and harvested by the people of Thatcham. The website has been evolved for them to show actual ‘mapped’ sites where wild and cultivated crops are grown to show our community: where our food comes from how to care for our natural environment and get the right nutrition.

Our Future:

As Thatcham Vision moves from being a ‘Think Tank’ to being a ‘hands-on’ ACTION organisation we are looking becoming a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). This will have the merit to all of us by Showing Partners, Donors and our Community we are here to stay. 

Other benefits will enable us to claim gift aid, make contracts and offer some indemnity for our volunteers. THE BIG TENT is another great advantage for us going forward.  We can become an INCUBATOR for clubs & new voluntary activity in our area, offering many of the benefits of our status and buying power but leaving the day to day management of your new group to you.

Already our website gives groups without a web presence to have one but with no costs. We will even train you up so that you can add / edit your own content. If you are interested let us know; groups must be in our area, non-political, non-religious and content must be fair, true, timely and accurate.

The future is exciting and involving for Thatcham Vision, if you are concerned or interested in your area then get in touch we can match your skills and interest to out many groups so that going forward we all WIN.

©         Martin Cook   21/3/17.