Senior citizens

The Senior Citizens Topic Team was formed with a remit to review how well the current requirements of older people in the Parish are being met including their housing, daily care and transport needs. The team were also tasked with considering additional facilities that would provide a better quality of life and also how this provision will need to be developed as the population grows.

The team members are David Brazier –Chairman (Also Chairman of Thatcham and District Blind Club , Director/Trustee for  Berkshire County  Blind Society  and President of Thatcham Boy’s Brigade), Gill Comley (Village Agent), Gary Johnson (AGE UK Berkshire and ex-mayor of Thatcham), Ann Walter, Howard Fletcher, John Robinson and Brian Barnes (Volunteers).

The ‘Actions’ this team are carrying out are:

  • Establish a senior citizens council/forum
  • Investigate and develop the concept of volunteer carers for older people
  • Improve the publicity of activities for seniors
  • Arrange more social activities for older people in Thatcham
  • Support the village agent scheme

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