Local Firm Gives Support for Our Senior Citizens

A great boon for for our Senior;s is having easy access to a local supplier who can advise sensibly on the right equipment, service it and give you a persoanl tailored experience. Mr & Mrs Potgeiter operate Thatcham Mobility Ltd at 57 Station Road Thatcham and their showroom has many styles of scooters, walkers and devices to make life easier. They have many years of relevant experience and have sponsored Thatcham Vision both on the website and in a printed Newsletter. Give them a call on 01635 869989 or pop around for a chat a friendly advice.
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Thatcham Town Meeting - for those not there!

Thatcham Vision were one of the many voluntary groups attending the annual Town Meeting. It was a chance for the councillors to report back on their own portfolios and of course both Town & District councillors were present. Jason Collis was introduced by the mayor Cllr Ellen Crumly and stated that he wanted this event to represent not just the Local Government but also the Voluntary Sectors more in future years.

Thatcham Town Meeting - Ask your Questions & Meet Thatcham Vision

Thatcham Vision – Some Ideas! Thatcham Vision has been a group working towards getting your views written into a viable parish plan then to be adopted by Thatcham Town Council and West Berkshire Council. Sponsored by TTC we are non political and concerned only for residence, visitors and those working in Thatcham & the surrounding areas. What we’re doing now: We have action groups looking at Transport & Travel, Senior Citizens, Childcare and Early Years, Culture & Leisure, Population & Development, Community Safety and Marketing. We have a brilliant new website www...
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Great Event for Senior's Group and Tie Up with Kennet School.

Last Friday saw Richard Benyon MP openly discuss his experiences, knowledge and interest in our older community in front of an audience at Stoney Lane, Thatcham, last Friday 3 rd March. Kennet School had done a wonderful job in hosting the event with registration, staging and organisation designed for this exciting event. As well as a good number of Senior Citizens there were representatives from West Berkshire Council and Thatcham Town Council along with leaders from interested groups in our area. Mr Benyon spoke sincerely, about the dangers of Isolation, Loneliness, Separation from family...
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What is on your mind?

Hi, If you are or think about our 'more experienced' community then come along to the FREE talk from our local MP Mr Richard Benyon. Starting at 2 pm Friday 3rd March will see Richard discussing his concerns for this valued part of our community, followed by senior students at Kennet School conducting a 'Newnight Style' interview. Then in a short session members of the audience will get their chance for questions. Maybe we'll hit the jackpot and have a program of improvements, devised by our community, to involve us all and learn from this growing fraction of our community.
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David Tells All

Chair of Thatcham Vision, David Conquest gets a guest slot on Kennet Radio: The aims of Thatcham Vision and the proposed evolution into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation was a major topic. This and the activities of our own Action Teams was the main discussion points with Garry Poulson. David's around the world trip and his experiences with volcanoes and Jelly fish provided some humerous notes. Interspersed with some interesting choices of music Garry's 'Get it Out' Show completed an entertaining hour of radio.
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WOW Website was Good now its BRILLIANT

Version 2 of the website wanted to achieve 3 things. Easier Social Media entries from News and Events Pages, Secondly a new section Based on Community Groups and Thirdly a useful mapping system so that all groups can show News Events and Fixtures pinpointed in our area. We have achieved all we set out to with the Help of our fantastic web developer Devzen. Watch this space as more content gets fixed with map points that fade when the event is over.
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Locality Talks to Thatcham Vision

Locality are a nationwide support Charity for local community groups. Phil Tulba from Locality met last week with David Sue and Martin from Thatcham Vision about plotting a way ahead. This group had been given authority from our 'Steering Group' to examine different structures for Thatcham Vision and even to change the organisation name. The idea is that as we become of more use to our community we need to become more recognisable and have a structure that allows us to undertake more complex work, even sign legal contracts with partners and suppliers. Soundings are being taken from Greenham...
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Edible Thatcham Kicks Off

Promoted by Thatcham Vision: The inaugural Edible Thatcham meeting kicks off. The Pavilion meeting room was stone cold but the atmosphere was warm with representatives from; Thatcham Young Farmers, Thatcham Garden Club, The Allotment Society, Thatcham Community Orchard, Newbury Show ground, Thatcham Town Council and Thatcham Vision all present. Interest for future meetings also came from Kennet School, & from the Cook & Butcher retail outlet. No doubt other local groups will join as this initiative gets traction. Jason Collis (leader of the TTC) said that his interest was based on the...
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